Lately I have either become more observant or more appreciative of beauty. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my travels some women who I would classify as stunningly brautiful. It isn’t all sbout looks, as it is more about the whole woman. It is a woman who has poise, beauty, and presence.  I thought I’d write about this. I guess too many men just don’t see beyond their animal instincts and appreciate a complete woman. At my lab appointment the other day the technician was such a woman. She had looks, poise, and personality.  For me it would have been love at first sight had not I was just an old man wishing for my youth.

We are “owned” people. Those politicians who want your vote really don’t care about you. They worry about staying in office and will tell you lies to stay there. The rich will give them money to stay in office and maybe a cushy job as a lobbyist after they leave office with a fat retirement check and lifetime paid health insurance while you struggle to put food on the table to feed your kids. They will steal your freedom and your retirement to give to their rich friends.i don’t care which party you vote for but think for a moment what have they
done for you. If you are dumb enough to fall for their lies and they betray you you get the government you deserve. I’m not voting next time. I’m waiting for America to wake up and preparing for the next revolution.

I finally gave up on LiveJournal. So many people I knew had left and I wasn’t using it. I had a good time back in the day. Now when I do blog it will be here. I spend too much time on social
media and let the other outlets fade away. I will be notifying those friends about this place.

Right now my life is not good. I got some demons to slay and some amends to make. The next few months will be rough sailing then I should recover. A new me is being created as I type this. I’m not going to say much more.

I have neglected this blog too long and a lot of things have happened. Time to return to wordpress.

Right now I’m back in the real internet game. I just decided to renew my hosting account and am working to try to get my domain back to life. This means a real blog on my domain with full control, where I make the rules. The adventure started this morning.

Tiss the season when we get to listen to lies and carefully chosen words with hidden meanings and from those scraps we make a vital decision as to who we trust to run his country. Unfortunately the average voter is easily manipulated by this word game and politicians have mastered the art of pushing the right put tons to play on fears and predjudices of the population. In this fashion they have convinced enough voters to vote against their own self interests.

I guess I’m not qualified to be a Republican.

I don’t attend church, left organized religion behind decades ago. It does not mean I’m not religious, just that I see the various flavors (sects) to be a reflection of people’s own interpretation of God’s own word. Remember, the Bible was written by men, translated by men, editted by men, therefore it reflects the bias that man has imposed on it.

I’m educated, I have a degree and a lot of post graduate study. I read, a lot of things, knowledge is something I value. I question things, I use critical thinking. I even am pretty good at spelling. I can carry on a conversation without resorting to name calling when we disagree on a topic.

I believe in climate change. I see what is happening all around me and can see that man is contributing to this change. Man is destroying this planet, his greed and wanton destruction of the very mechanisms in nature that give us life is frightening. Man cannot live without clean air to breathe or clean water to drink, but we see man destroying these vital resources.

I believe we can feed the planet, if we want to. There should be no one person in this country or anywhere going hungry. We waste food, we use food to make fuel, we are letting profit define what we grow, we are letting monoculture crop production ruin the land vital to feeding people. We are poisoning the planet by using pesticides and other chemicals and creating genetically modified organisms that look like food, but our bodies reject as toxic. These genetic modifications are destroying nature, disrupting the food chain and making our heritage of food production impossible.

I believe in education, for all. I believe that an educated population will make wiser choices. Fear is driven by ignorance, understanding is driven by knowledge. We also need to allow for those who want to learn a trade, who want to be an artist, who want to be explorers, who want to be scientists, or who want to be philosophers. People must be able to pursue their dreams, for it is from dreams that discovery flows, and progress as a species blossoms.

I believe in the pursuit of happiness. Everyone should be able to be happy sometime. Let everyone be able to be married (I tried it once). Let everyone be able to worship their god, be they any sect, without being attacked. Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion, let no group deny a person this right.

I like women. I think women are wonderful. Without women I wouldn’t be here writing this. Oh, sure, they have tried to create babies in a laboratory, but are they human without a woman’s touch? Women are not just equal, in some ways they are superior. We should not subjugate women with laws that make them lesser than man. Equal pay, the right to control their own bodies, the right for them to care for their children, the right to be free from hate and violence. Women are the peacemakers.

I’m closing this thread for now, but I may revisit it soon. I hope you understand where I’m coming from. If you don’t, try a bit of thinking, try to look around and see what is happening, think about your world. Express yourself.

I know, I’m a bit late. May is National Bike Month. Get off your lazy ass and ride a bike.

This once a year event is next week. Free admission to the national parks, Time for another visit to Joshua Tree and/or Point Loma… then there is Death Valley (warm right now), or one of the many more parks California offers.


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