I’m older and wiser now. I realize that since my teenage years I have been slowly poisoning myself by trusting that the food I eat has been safe. I sometimes wonder why all the chemicals make their way into food…I remember when high fructose corn syrup was that Karo syrup we put on our pancakes. Then came fast food. McDonald’s was the death of real food. Before that we would gather at the A&W drive in for real burgers and real malted shakes.

I’m at the point now where I know that years of abuse through a poor diet will probably be the death of me. The high fructose corn syrup killed the bacteria that kept my blood sugar control working in my gut. The aspartame finished off any other beneficial flora that may have saved me. Yes. It us all my fault but I had a lot of help from chemical companies and food processors that worried more about the bottom line than about people’s lives. I still suspect that a lot of what they feed us has addictive properties that encourage us to consume more. It is as if there was a big conspiracy between food makers pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment… all driven for maximizing profit not health.  Too late for me…the damage is done. I can only hope that people don’t follow the same path.

Support the troops…I’m tired of that slogan. I enlisted in 1968… I wasn’t about to be drafted. I’d seen too many friends get drafted and come home in a box or as walking wounded. In that era the favorite slogan of the sunshine patriots was “love it or leave it” because if you were against the war you were seen as a traitor.

During the Vietnam era the “troops” were not treated as heroes. The most we saw was friends and family greeting our return. One thing was the public was impacted by the war. Everyone knew someone who lost someone. It was on the evening news in all its bloody glory.

I was extremely lucky. I never saw combat. I was halfway around the world fighting the Cold War from an outpost on the Berlin Wall. From that vantage point I learned the truth… the war was based on lies. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a lie.  Just another excuse to expand the war and add to the body count. Yeah..the measure of success was body count. How many “gooks” did you kill today?

Today we keep hearing about the troops.. the military has become the new “job corp”.. a way for the military industrial complex to provide good paying jobs to young people they have indoctrinated into believing they are “defending democracy”. The military eliminated the draft as it involved the hearts and minds if too many people who would eventually question the motives and reasons why their son was sent somewhere. The military also needed to control the narrative so they created the “embedded” journalist who were censored about what they could report.  Then came the PR machine that created new acronyms or titles for these wars. Operation Iraqi Liberation was too near the truth (O.I.L.) so it became Operation Iraqi Freedom. Then came “support the troops”… so all the sunshine patriots could wave their flags and think they were really patriotic.

More soon..

In past wars snipers did their best to defeat a defined enemy.  In the Iraq war snipers were not fighting an easily defined enemy and in many cases they shot women and children.  The assault on Fallujah was one of the worse cases. Most of the atrocities from that battle have been covered up but Wikileaks did a good job on releasing info on the “kill anything that moves” tactics used. I’m always amazed when we label everyone an insurgent when we would be exhibiting the same behavior if the United States was invaded by another foreign power. We forget that our freedom fighters were considered insurgents and did things that were not unlike the people of Iraq did to fight for their homeland. It is becoming more evident that in Iraq and Afghanistan we were there not to defend democracy but to pillage a country then establish a puppet government to allow us to steal resources. Unfortunately the planners of these wars did a lousy job and created the mess we gave today. Since the 60’s we have been in conflicts based on lies…Vietnam…Granada…Panama… Iraq … Afghanistan.  Now we are using special ops to start a war in Ukraine…when will people wake up, stop the flag waving and really support the “troops” by telling our leaders that we don’t want to fight for the corporations?

Before the invasion of Iraq I used to read a blog by a young iraqi man who lived in Baghdad.  He was blogging throughout the invasion and he documented the destruction of what was the secular regime of Saddam Hussein.  After the invasion he and his family fled to Syria and then to England. What I read and in email exchanges with him was see the war through the eyes of a middle class citizen of Iraq. We did not bring democracy to Iraq. We quickly destroyed this man’s family business (they were produce merchants) and forced them to flee a country where generations if their family had lived and died. We are guilty of destroying a secular government (Saddam didn’t put up with terrorists or religious extremidts) supposedly because he had weapons of mass destruction we sold him to fight Iran. People need to know more about how our government conducts itself before we become the next victim of the empire.

Dealing with the light and the dark. I’ve had encounters in both realms and can say that both really do exist. I have had the proverbial out if body experience and traveled into the light. It changed my life. I’ve also had a time when I was enveloped by evil. The feeling is terrifying to put it mildly. It suddenly made its presence to me and the feeling of doom was strong. I knew I had entered into a place I needed to escape and while leaving this place the sense that I was being hunted down was strong. I escaped but the evil spirits were very strong.  I have always been in tune with other realms.. being one who has been visited by the spirit world.   I have visited abandoned places and felt the spirits trapped there. I don’t really want to confront evil again but when I die I will hope to resist the other side of the light. The feeling of love and forgiveness is a feeling so strong.  Enough for now.

We have a new Congress and already they are betraying the American people. They took their first shot at Social Security with a proposed rule change that will quickly make those on SSDI nervous. They are messing with the funding of the SSDI program. Then in another move they are talking about a new gas tax of 12 cents a gallon. Then on the question of net neutrality they plan on gutting that and giving Comcast the right to turn the internet into cable tv. You want Google…it comes bundled with a bunch of stuff you don’t want or need but will cost twice what you pay now. Oh… and as a gift to the Koch Bros they want to pass the Keystone XL pipeline so Canada can export oil. No it doesn’t create jobs and it cannot be refined to make gas. Oh…and they now want to export our oil so expect our gas prices to rise to European levels… I expect $5 or more by summer. And when it comes to Obamacare they want to change the rules so that full time is 40 hours. Watch your boss change you work week to 39.5 hours so he doesn’t have to offer you benefits.  Oh..there is another trade agreement they will pass…a NAFTA on steroids… the TPP will see millions of jobs disappear overseas and more food imports from China.  Welcome to the death if democracy and the rise of the new world order. Corporations will be the new kings. They just bought the new Congress. Oh…and by reflecting John Boehner they just told you the tea party is irrelevant… don’t you just love it.

When it comes to Israel I’m not a supporter. They have yet to apologize for killing 33 Americans when they attacked the USS Liberty during the 1967 war. They lied about the attack at first and then our government hushed it up. It was never given the coverage inn the media it deserved. I will not ever forgive Israel for this attack. You cannot bring back the 33 Americans killed that day.

Cuba…we are moving towards opening the door… but their should be a warning given to the people of Cuba. We (the United States) will exploit you. We will rape and pillage your resources. We will enslave you with debt.  You will be treated as another colony of the corporations. Your culture will be discarded as we try to make you into a capitalist state. We are not the same country we were in 1962. We have become the monster Fidel warned you about. Sorry to say but you can look forward to chaos and poverty. Start planning the next revolution. You will need to prepare.

Some of my friends started this.. instead of resolutions choose a word. I’ve given it some thought and made my choice..the word will be “move”. This will be my mantra…to get out on the bike again. To change my environment and possibly move to places I’ve always liked. To move forward not backward. I’m slowly getting the hang of living in 100 square feet. I still have to find solutions to a few things to make them work better but it us forcing me to look at everything differently and make hard choices. So move it is.

Looking back on another chapter of my life.

I have lived life, always trying to live life to its fullest. I’ve ridden motorcycles for more than 250,000 miles, and visited every state west of the Mississippi River. I rode the small highways and experienced all this great land had to offer. There is something about travelling along a two lane highway through a new land than inspires and makes you reflect on your soul.

I have had some very interesting opportunities to experience remarkable events. I grew up in Orange County, the bastion of conservatism. In my early years I embraced it. Then I moved beyond the “Orange Curtain” and saw the world. I spent time in Haight Ashbury doing the hippie scene, San Francisco in the late 60’s was remarkable. It was peace, love, and music. It was communal living, free love, and the utter joy of dancing to your own tune and walking to the beat of a different drummer. I got to hear some of the icons of rock and roll and see concerts at legendary venues, I got to go to a party at Ken Kesey’s ranch just before the start of the Kool Aid Acid Test took place. I watched as people painted the bus that was to make that epic journey.I spent time at places in North Beach and heard Ferlinghetti and Shel Silverstein read their works live. I also saw and experienced the topless era with people like Carol Doda.

I was in the military. I worked the “dark” side, collecting and analyzing intelligence during the Cold War.. I lived in the city that epitomized the Cold War, Berlin. I saw the contrasts between the West and the East. I saw people willing to die to escape the police state that was East Germany. I was aware of things that were happening but because of the sensitive nature of my work, could never talk to anyone about that. I knew the Vietnam war was based on lies, that the numbers the generals were feeding the public were make believe, I knew the daily body count. We worked and we drank. Berlin had over 1500 bars and we tried to visit as many as possible. In the city I walked, a lot. I walked many miles along the path of the Berlin Wall, observing the injustice the wall stood for. I also saw how the West manipulated the view so that it appeared that it was paradise in West Berlin, but it was only a facade. I got to taste tear gas and see a militarized police force used to quell demonstrations using brutality and water cannons. I learned a lot living in Berlin.

The next chapter will follow soon.


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