Seems we have lost our direction and the whole concept of democracy has been subverted by nameless forces bent on enslaving the world. These same nameless forces sling arrows of disdain towards those who express humanity and against those who resist their takeover. Have you ever wondered why the same person can be a terrorist and a freedom fighter? It all depends on perspective, are you the oppressed or the oppressor? In this battle to preserve humanity and the human spirit there will be many battles, some lost, some won, but the fight must continue. The human condition is such that we need to be free, not slaves to corporate masters or oligarchs whole want us to sweat and toil for their luxury. Dark times are ahead, but we will find the light, and the light shall shine over the land again as the despoilers of the American Dream will be vanquished.

Remmeber, the battle is on, and for now the battlefield is the polling place. Please join the battle and vote.