While life goes on, sometimes it doesn’t go quite as you imagined. I’ve been trying to get life in order since my Mom passed away in April, and I’m doing okay (the grieving part is done), there are so many other things to keep me busy.  I’m doing the best I can.

These days I sort through a life, discarding those items I deem to have little significance, although they may have had some meaning in my parent’s lives.  Many an itm has been tossed aside, to the dump, to the thrift store, or given to someone who may find it useful. Sorting through the lives of De[ression children is so hard.

My sanity is preserved with my bikes.  Bikes are worked on, bikes are shared, bikes are ridden, but bikes serve as my escape.  Computers are another obsession, I’m connected, and feel so alone without the impersonal world of online life. Hey, why I get few comments or replies doesn’t phase me. I do the preaching, and only hope a few ideas stick in someone’s brain.

Politics is fast becoming the next crisis. We have a bunch of rich bastards we elected (what fools we were) trying to screw us. Hey. bend over, I think we understand the problem here. If the Republicans crash the economy, I wonder where they are going to hide? I know many people, already on the brink, will be forced over the edge, and many more will take ‘justice’ in their own hands. They and some of their wingnut followers were saying something about a 2nd Amendment solution?  The Republicans need to be reminded of that.. They thought by inciting the fringe, they could scare the rest of us into submission… hey dudes.. it works both ways.

Ah, my life… my so called life.. it is worth sticking around.. I’ve been to the other side once, it was a prety cool place, and the feeling of rapture, that beats any drug any day.  I’m around till the fat lady sings, and I recognize the tune.

So, all for now… maybe another rant later. This old mac is getting a workout, but better preserve it for another day.