Thinking.. for me it sometimes gets dangerous. I’ve been on this earth a while. While the number of years are high, I still think much younger than my years. I was once very proud to call myself an American. That started to change in 1971. Our country was making a big mistake in Vietnam. It made me, as an American GI, a target of ridicule and scorn where I was in Europe. Once, when I was traveling, I displayed a Canadian flag on my backpack, because Canadians were treated much better. I could eat. sleep, and travel without having people calling me a baby killer.  I left the service and returned home to a country divided. We were still in the process of war, and we had the usual armchair patriots, screaming at demonstrators, to love it or leave it (I knew many young people who left and never returned) and the flag wavers who thought by supporting the war they were ‘supporting the troops’. I became active in the anti war movement, and felt that stopping the war and the senseless killing was saving lives, of Americans as well as those people unlucky to live in a country we had seen as something to add to our empire. The war ended, we had gone through some rough times. Many had been made criminals by those who profited by war and police had gone from someone you trusted to ‘pigs’. 

We are in a similar time today. The war machine is a major force in our economy, the police have gone from being just ‘pigs’, to become tool of the corporate elite, thus ‘fascist pigs’. Our lives have been bought, sold, and categorized by a consumer society, all in the name of supporting a capitalist system that is not only unsustainable but that is a quick path to the destruction of the human race. It seems that insanity is the new qualification for public office. We now have a ‘say anything, do nothing’ Congress, except when they do do something, it usually involves the destruction of basic human rights and human dignity.  We cannot trust our own government, and they fear people and the power the people have so much they are willing to do anything to keep the people who are waking up from rising up. We have a propaganda medium, that claims to be journalism. but is nothing more than a squawk box for what the government wants to be heard. Censorship is becoming more apparent, people are being beaten and jailed for speaking out, and we are destroying a generation of men and women with our ‘all volunteer’ military. We de-humanize people so they will do the same to our ‘enemy’ and then wonder why the kill without provocation. 

We are at a crossroads right now. I never thought I would see the day when I would see why we have ‘patriot’ movements. Ruby Ridge should have opened my eyes, but at that time I was blind. Now I see some of these groups are preparing for the police state, not that it isn’t already here, it just hasn’t crashed through your front door to sieze your guns, food, and children. I keep looking for signs of the next phase, the re-education camps, the gulags, the thought police. I’m finding more evidence every day that this is where we are going. Of course, many will just want to keep quiet, not make a noise, and sacrifice their freedom for a little security, but they will find their silence has just placed them in a positon where they will suffer a slow death, much like a frog placed in a pot of cool water over a flame, the water heats slowly, and by the time the frog realizes the danger he is unable to escape and is cooked alive.

This coming year we will see a lot of activity from both camps. There will be those in the streets and those in government fighting for their cause, there will be clashes, and quite possibly some will die. The election of 2012 will be more than a election, it will be a battle between good and evil. It will decide if we die as slaves or live as free man. I say to people, turn off that TV, get involved, speak out about the injustice you see and speak out for those people who cannot speak because they are in prison for taking actions to spread the truth (Bradley Manning). Know more about who you vote for than the slick flyers you get in the mail. Know who supports the candidate, where the money came from, who owns him. If you have an incumbent, look at what he/she  has done. Is it in the best interest of humanity of has he/she become a tool of the corporations? If faced with no choice, it may be better to vote for none of the above. Seek peace, surround yourself with people who you can trust, develop those friendships now, as a rising movement we need to organize. There are a lot of obstacles on the path to real change. I first fought the system in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It was a long battle but the people prevailed for a while. Now we need to rise up again and beat back the beast before we are beaten down and put in chains. The beast has leaned lessons from the Vietnam era, it now controls the media, as it was the media that brought the war into our living rooms and that ended the war.  It now knows it must infiltrate and spy on groups in order to win the battle for the hearts and minds, and to use force early and often to break the spirit and crush the opposition. Beware of the beast, that military/financial/media complex that is nothing but a oligarchy that wants to make us all slaves. Slaves that are meek and willing to do anything for basic food, shelter, and a few minutes not being beaten. They want to control food, water, energy, healthcare. They want to control where you live, how you travel, what you read, what you think. Read Orwell’s 1984. read Animal Farm, read.. a lot of information is out there. Be aware, be vigilant, and always be prepared. When things get really bad is isn’t going to be pretty or very safe. 

Develop skills that will serve you well and decrease your dependence on those corporations. Fight the lies, tell the truth, defend the defenseless, live for humanity and for our planet. I want to leave this planet as better place for the next generation. It isn’t going to happen if we all don’t get up, stand up, and become true citizens of the planet.