The after life is good. But some thing happens i cannot explain.  One other time i was visited with the spirit of a person i knew as he passed.

I was asleep and suddenly woke to a very cold room. Standing at the end of my bed was a family friend. He looked as if he was wearing a hospital gown. He raised his hand as if to wave goodbye then vanished. I glanced at the bedside alarm clock to note the time. The next day I found out he had died in the hospital at that exact time.

After dad passed there was a period of time (months) when his presence was evident. One time I had had an argument with my mom and a short while later I felt myself being slapped by an unseen being and I knew I had to apologize . A few months later my mom had not been feeling well and I was shaken awake by this spirit and instinctively knew I had to check mom. She was having breathing problems that made me drive her to the emergency room. These interactions felt like things my dad would do and in each case it was his presence that I felt. His spirit was still there watching over my mom.

In the case of my mom’s death it was different. I never felt her around. Sine times I did feel that quite possibly her little chihuahua was possessed by her spirit because it became very angry with me for no apparent reason. That behavior for an animal after the passing of a lifelong companion could be explained by realizing the animal blamed me for her passing. Either way it became so bad that I had to give the dog over to the humane society. I could not exist in the same household with a dog that did nothing but exhibit anger and contempt for me.

I think maybe why I didn’t feel the same presence with my mother that I felt with my dad may have been because she went quickly to join him in the afterlife. My mother and I had a love/hate relationship. As her dementia progressed she would get angry if I did not do the things she demanded. Only at the end did that change. In fact both parents had a brief lucid moment where they expressed love towards me. When I experienced this with my mom it was clear to me that death was immanent.
I do t know if communication is possible from the other side but I did get some physical contact in my dad’s case

Somewhat different but related was a story my mom told me just after I somewhat recovered from my first relapse of my Lupus. One night she stopped by my room to check on me because I had felt I’ll and went to bed early. She said as she opened the bedroom door she was hit by the feeling oof intense cold and saw a dark shadowy being leaning over me… she said it entered her mind that this was the angel of death coming to take me so she rushed into the room screaming NO at the top if her voice. She said the being turned toward her and left. She said it felt evil and was faceless.  I never have had a similar experience but I believe what she told me because she was very shaken by this incident.

I think that part of my awareness of the afterlife and spirit world comes from my native american heritage. I have on occasion felt the presence of evil. It is a strange and scary feeling but in those cases I know that I must leave the area as I feel a confrontation with such a force would kill me.

I have used my sensitivity to the sprit realm to explore places I visit at times. It is as if I can feel what it was like to be there when it was a town, not the ghost town it is now. I do stay vigilant as these places have also brought with them feeling of the presence if evil.

Enough for now. Maybe more later.