Sometimes I wonder why I work so hard to grow older. As I age I find the quality of life more important than how long I’m on this planet. I know I have health problems, and some of them may become very debilitating in the future, I’m spending a lot of money trying to delay the inevitable. I’m trying to decide at what point quality takes on more importance that quantity. In a few weeks I’ll see the eye doctor. I’m finding that vision in my left eye has issues. It is probably the cataracts I have. I have been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic. They gave me some pill form of blood sugar control but if I follow the dosage, it makes me ill. I have Lupus. I know it is smewhat active because every set of labs has me spilling protein in my urine. This is either the sign of a serious infection or the fact that the lupus is hard at work trying to kill me. These are reasons why I am looking at quality over quantity. I don’t think I will see 80 years with all I have wrong. So, what shall I do with the “good years” I have left. If I ever find myself confined to a skilled nursing facility I will see that as the end and deal with it accordingly.