A short post. I’m finding enough stimulation in life here in this small town to start thinking of settling down. As it stands I am living as a nomad/homeless person. I have a very small trailer and my truck and some great friends who let me park on their land. I originally was going to move with the seasons but got derailed by health issues. Now that those things are getting resolved I’m thinking of travel again.

As for health… I have cataracts and it has come time to do something about it. Also I’m going to see a dermatologist and take better care there. I need to schedule another visit to my ENT doctor. I need to look into alternative treatments for type 2 diabetes. All my years of neglect and abuse are catching up with me.

The other day I was involved in a conversation about the price of marujuana. It’s not like the 60’s no more.. an ounce can cost $100. I remember when that would cost $10. Oh well… inflation.