This post is about the Trans Pacific Partnership.  This is a multinational trade agreement that grants corporations sovereignty equal or exceeding that of countries. It is the end of democracy and the beginning of corporate fascism.

Okay… we as a people in this country are about to be betrayed in the worst possible fashion. There is a secret trade agreement ( the Trans Pacific Partnership)  that has been negotiated in secret that attacks the sovereignty of elected governments and gives that sovereignty to multinational corporations.  It will be fast tracked through Congress shortly after the Republicans take control. It is one thing Obama did that most people who know anything about it oppose. It is NAFTA on steroids. It means more jobs shipped overseas. It means corporations can disregard safety, labor, and any other laws they don’t like. It makes multinational companies more powerful than elected governments. They can sue countries that impact their profits. Profit trumps democracy and clean air or clean water. It makes even inadvertent copyright violations a criminal offense punishable by jail time. It will make propaganda and censorship legal. Free speech will be curtailed.  It is a 12 nation cartel that will rule the western world. The whole trade agreement was negotiated in secret. It will be presented to Congress but no debate or amendments will be allowed. Even Congress will not be allowed to see the whole document before voting to approve it. The public will not be given access to the contents of this  agreement until it is the law of the land. This is the end of democracy if approved.  Be aware people and read anything and everything you can about the TPP.  Some parts in draft form have been leaked and what they say will terrify any freedom loving person. It must be stopped. This is the biggest overreach by Obama yet and Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are working with Obama to pass it. Just that those people are working together makes it suspect.  Read, research,  and speak out now or forever live in slavery. You might have thought that the Hunger Games films were fiction… sorry. That just might be our future.