The news is full of stories of people dying when they are confronted by police. Most reporting has been about black victims however there are victims from all races and ethnicity.  We seem to have come to the realization that police are now the enforcers of the powers that be. If people are protesting something they can expect to receive abuse at the hands of law enforcement.  It seems to be official policy that you suffer abuse if you are complaining about the abuse you suffer.

At one time we had constitutional rights but that seems to be more and more a myth. We are spied on. We are watched. Free speech and freedom of assembly are in the Bill of Rights but routinely ignored by those who took an oath to protect and serve.  We are moving toward a time when we will live in a constant state of fear.  We will fear the faceless enemy our government designates and fear our government because of what it is doing to us. A person I know says I obsess about George Orwell but I do not. I see his writing as more of a blueprint of how our oppression is designed. We now have a “big brother” and the stratification of society parallels what he described. Instead of the lens behind the mirror,  the all seeing eye, we carry a cellphone equipped with a camera and tracked by various methods for profit and to build a profile to predict our behavior. We have fallen victim to a system designed to control us.

Unfortunately we have become a people that are controlled by fear. .. Fear is used to divide and conquer.  Those in power know that if we ever united we could create change. That is what they fear, so they use race, ethnocity, and economic differences to keep the populace divided and under control. The media and social media are tools used to shape opinion and predjudices
What we see and hear is strictly controlled.  There is one problem.  Social media has become a powerful force for change. This was not envisioned by the government. There is now a concerted effort to disrupt social media to control those who use it as an organizing tool. The use of fake profiles and outright spying has increased. We need to be vigilant.

The police state is here. Right now I am but a small player in the battle against the military/financial/governmental juggernaut that confronts us. I can write and speak freely about the subject. However the prospect that someday that will not be possible is near. We need to keep fighting for freedom we are being denied as if they succeed in denying one person their rights they are winning the battle.  We must not let them win.