We have a new Congress and already they are betraying the American people. They took their first shot at Social Security with a proposed rule change that will quickly make those on SSDI nervous. They are messing with the funding of the SSDI program. Then in another move they are talking about a new gas tax of 12 cents a gallon. Then on the question of net neutrality they plan on gutting that and giving Comcast the right to turn the internet into cable tv. You want Google…it comes bundled with a bunch of stuff you don’t want or need but will cost twice what you pay now. Oh… and as a gift to the Koch Bros they want to pass the Keystone XL pipeline so Canada can export oil. No it doesn’t create jobs and it cannot be refined to make gas. Oh…and they now want to export our oil so expect our gas prices to rise to European levels… I expect $5 or more by summer. And when it comes to Obamacare they want to change the rules so that full time is 40 hours. Watch your boss change you work week to 39.5 hours so he doesn’t have to offer you benefits.  Oh..there is another trade agreement they will pass…a NAFTA on steroids… the TPP will see millions of jobs disappear overseas and more food imports from China.  Welcome to the death if democracy and the rise of the new world order. Corporations will be the new kings. They just bought the new Congress. Oh…and by reflecting John Boehner they just told you the tea party is irrelevant… don’t you just love it.