Dealing with the light and the dark. I’ve had encounters in both realms and can say that both really do exist. I have had the proverbial out if body experience and traveled into the light. It changed my life. I’ve also had a time when I was enveloped by evil. The feeling is terrifying to put it mildly. It suddenly made its presence to me and the feeling of doom was strong. I knew I had entered into a place I needed to escape and while leaving this place the sense that I was being hunted down was strong. I escaped but the evil spirits were very strong.  I have always been in tune with other realms.. being one who has been visited by the spirit world.   I have visited abandoned places and felt the spirits trapped there. I don’t really want to confront evil again but when I die I will hope to resist the other side of the light. The feeling of love and forgiveness is a feeling so strong.  Enough for now.