In past wars snipers did their best to defeat a defined enemy.  In the Iraq war snipers were not fighting an easily defined enemy and in many cases they shot women and children.  The assault on Fallujah was one of the worse cases. Most of the atrocities from that battle have been covered up but Wikileaks did a good job on releasing info on the “kill anything that moves” tactics used. I’m always amazed when we label everyone an insurgent when we would be exhibiting the same behavior if the United States was invaded by another foreign power. We forget that our freedom fighters were considered insurgents and did things that were not unlike the people of Iraq did to fight for their homeland. It is becoming more evident that in Iraq and Afghanistan we were there not to defend democracy but to pillage a country then establish a puppet government to allow us to steal resources. Unfortunately the planners of these wars did a lousy job and created the mess we gave today. Since the 60’s we have been in conflicts based on lies…Vietnam…Granada…Panama… Iraq … Afghanistan.  Now we are using special ops to start a war in Ukraine…when will people wake up, stop the flag waving and really support the “troops” by telling our leaders that we don’t want to fight for the corporations?