Support the troops…I’m tired of that slogan. I enlisted in 1968… I wasn’t about to be drafted. I’d seen too many friends get drafted and come home in a box or as walking wounded. In that era the favorite slogan of the sunshine patriots was “love it or leave it” because if you were against the war you were seen as a traitor.

During the Vietnam era the “troops” were not treated as heroes. The most we saw was friends and family greeting our return. One thing was the public was impacted by the war. Everyone knew someone who lost someone. It was on the evening news in all its bloody glory.

I was extremely lucky. I never saw combat. I was halfway around the world fighting the Cold War from an outpost on the Berlin Wall. From that vantage point I learned the truth… the war was based on lies. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a lie.  Just another excuse to expand the war and add to the body count. Yeah..the measure of success was body count. How many “gooks” did you kill today?

Today we keep hearing about the troops.. the military has become the new “job corp”.. a way for the military industrial complex to provide good paying jobs to young people they have indoctrinated into believing they are “defending democracy”. The military eliminated the draft as it involved the hearts and minds if too many people who would eventually question the motives and reasons why their son was sent somewhere. The military also needed to control the narrative so they created the “embedded” journalist who were censored about what they could report.  Then came the PR machine that created new acronyms or titles for these wars. Operation Iraqi Liberation was too near the truth (O.I.L.) so it became Operation Iraqi Freedom. Then came “support the troops”… so all the sunshine patriots could wave their flags and think they were really patriotic.

More soon..