I’m older and wiser now. I realize that since my teenage years I have been slowly poisoning myself by trusting that the food I eat has been safe. I sometimes wonder why all the chemicals make their way into food…I remember when high fructose corn syrup was that Karo syrup we put on our pancakes. Then came fast food. McDonald’s was the death of real food. Before that we would gather at the A&W drive in for real burgers and real malted shakes.

I’m at the point now where I know that years of abuse through a poor diet will probably be the death of me. The high fructose corn syrup killed the bacteria that kept my blood sugar control working in my gut. The aspartame finished off any other beneficial flora that may have saved me. Yes. It us all my fault but I had a lot of help from chemical companies and food processors that worried more about the bottom line than about people’s lives. I still suspect that a lot of what they feed us has addictive properties that encourage us to consume more. It is as if there was a big conspiracy between food makers pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment… all driven for maximizing profit not health.  Too late for me…the damage is done. I can only hope that people don’t follow the same path.