It seems to enter all aspects of life today. The lack of humanity compassion and tolerance ise. I seriously see society is devolving. When people look at money before they decide that a program to help people has merit is insane. We have brecome so isolated from what is happening in the world, let alone what is happening in our community. Then there is the ever present fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of truth or science. We have become conditioned to not want to know because we might become scared. We are and have been brainwashed. The idiot box has done its best to render us a nation of ignorant and reactionary people. I see small glimmers of hope but so many are working hard to strip what little humanity as we have left that we that know compassion and empathy are few. We are now living in a crumbling empire. The days of the American Empire are numbered. The dollar once reigned supreme but that is being challenged. We are falling into patterns that mimic the fall of the Roman Empire. Those people we once thought defeated are now rising up. New alliances are being formed to fight us. We are clinging despairetely to hold on with military power. Our friends are not friends but mercenaries we have bought to fight as proxy warriors. I lived in the glory days of America. I’ve seen the decline. I’ve studied history. I see problems for the future. We are saddled with an economic system that is not sustainable. We will see food riots. We will see rebellion. We may even see a new civil war. I don’t see change coming in my generation. Too many people are totally brainwashed. Thinks are going to devolve into a feudal society. At first I thought that we might become Oceania as in 1984. Now I see a feudal society closely resembling life as depicted on the Hunger Games. Only then when people have nothing left to lose will see change. I pray for those who maybe have yet to be born who will be the ones that restore a sense of community and firm a new society from the ruins of this planet they will inherit.